About Us

About CamboPOS

CamboPOS is a startup business in 2017, providing a point of sale system for any type of shop in Cambodia. We began with a small developer team and evolved it into software that can be used in foodservice and retail businesses. We are a Cambodian team of experts in database and web-base application development, devoted to creating the best point of sale software for the Cambodian market to help shop owners manage their daily sales transactions more effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best point-of-sale system provider in Cambodia. We are passionate about helping small business owners through innovative technologies.

Our Mission

Cambodia is a developing country and most shop owners do not have much knowledge of technology or even use a computer. Our mission is to transform their traditional business by hand to become digital.

Our Skills

We are a team proficient with Microsoft .Net technologies the world most popular programming language to provide individual and business users with a desktop applications and computing devices.